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We build you into a reputable industry leader by getting you placed in high-level press within 30 days, or you don't pay.

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We elevate your voice to reach millions, and to build you as an industry thought leader.

Kelly Hyman - Life & Style Magazine
Wendy-Lynn McClean - Forbes
Ideas AI - LA Weekly
Pocketbook Agency - Digital Journal
Peter Goldstein - Nasdaq
Ideas AI - Entrepreneur
Wendy-Lynn McClean - TechTimes
Wendy-Lynn McClean - Business Insider
Ideas AI - SF Examiner
RAMP Talent - VC Post

You’re 5 steps away from becoming a respected thought leader.

There's more then just being featured in the media, there's entire process and ecosystem behind it to build you from an average industry professional, to a respected voice and known thought leader in your industry.

Design & Dev

Let's Kick Things Off.

We begin by analyzing your online presence, identifying areas for improvement and topics that resonate with your target audience. From there, we strategically plan how to position and promote your brand over the coming weeks and months.


Let's Talk About You.

Tell us all about you, your expertise and insights. We'll start by interviewing you to understand your story, and craft a tailored strategy to approach various media outlets to make your voice heard.

Check List

Let's Get Creative And Writing.

Based on our interview and strategy outlined, our team starts crafting an article that showcases your market expertise with a focus on sharing your voice and thoughts.


Let's Get You published.

Once you've approved the draft our team crafted, our team gets in touch with our media contacts to get your story and your voice published.

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Let's Use Your Coverage.

Now that's you're published, it's time to show you how to implement strategies to elevate your credibility, streamline sales processes, and effortlessly attract your ideal clientele through increased brand authority.

What We Do

We turn average industry professionals and executives into respected thought leaders

Media Placements

Through our media relations with contributors, writers and publications, we secure media placements for you or your company in top tier media publications.

TV Placement

Through our network of various TV Stations, we leverage our relationships to get you on air to share your expertise in front of millions.

Podcast Placements

Our team leverages their experiences pitching media contacts, to get you placed on podcasts relevant to your industry, allowing you to share your insights on a larger scale, to engaged listeners.

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About Us

We Feature You PR is public relations firm based in Canada that helps business owners and executives all over the world take their branding to the next level, through strategic media placements, and PR campaigns to drive growth opportunities.

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Some questions you might have.

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Send an email to hello@wefeatureyou.co and we'll be happy to help.

Who do you work with?

We work with industry professionals that want to take their branding and voice to the next level. Typically Founders/CEOs of multi-million dollar companies or C-suite Executives.

Which publications can you get me in?

Over the years, we've built a network of over 300+ publications where we can land placements for our clients. From sites such as Entrepreneur, LA Weekly, NASDAQ to sites like the USA Today.

Am I guaranteed to be featured?

Utilizing our network of media contacts and partnerships with major media outlets, we’re able to guarantee placements in various publications that we have openings for. It's worth noting that if we don't have openings for certain publications, it will either not be offered, or guaranteed. If in any case we’re unable to get you featured, we’ll gladly issue you a full refund with some complimentary articles on other publications.

How does getting PR help me?

Getting media coverage can help in a few ways, but most of our clients experience improved SEO rankings, credibility, increase in partnerships and revenue.

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