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Welcome to We Feature You

We Feature You is a Public Relations & Branding firm that specializes in media placement, media branding and marketing strategies. We work with various industry professionals that want to establish themselves as authority in their space and take their branding to the next level.

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Of course, it's all great that we tell you all of what we do, but why does it matter if you can't see examples? Click below and see some of our past work!

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Our Process

There is more to just getting you featured in the media, there is an entire process behind it to take your average industry professional to the "Industry Known Expert"

Let's get creative.

Tell us all about you, we'll start by interviewing you to create a news worthy article for your potential customers and clients to see.

Let's get you published.

Get featured in top-tier media websites like Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Maxim, Digital Journal, Yahoo Finance, LA Weekly and more!

Let's utilize your coverage.

It's now time to show you exactly how to implement the strategies that will take you from your average industry professional to the "Industry Known Expert"
“Prior to working with We Feature You, I reached out to multiple news outlet with little of them getting back to me, but after I was featured, I was able to partner with 2 more schools and that opened so many doors to me, I got featured on my school’s website, invited on a podcast and gained a lot of new followers.

Taylor MacDonell

Founder of College Genius

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is your service for?

We work with industry professionals that want to take their branding to the next level - anyone from realtors to Founders of multi-million dollar companies.

What publications can you get me featured in?

Over the years, we've built a network of over 200+ publications where we can guarantee placements for our clients. From sites like Yahoo Finance, LA Weekly, Entrepreneur to TechTimes.

Am I guaranteed to be featured?

Utilizing our network of media contacts and partnerships with major media outlets, we’re able to guarantee placements in various publications that we have openings for. It's worth noting that if we don't have openings for certain publications, it will either not be offered, or guaranteed. If in any case we’re unable to get you featured, we’ll gladly issue you a full refund with some complimentary articles on other publications.

How does getting featured in the media help me?

Getting media coverage can help in a few ways, but most of our clients experience improved SEO rankings, an increase in their credibility & social proof, an increase in partnerships and revenue.